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The Last One

Posted By: Capt D
Date: Sunday, 1-28-18, at 1:41 p.m.

In Response To: Re: The 2nd Last One (diver531)

Re: Others w/ similar experiences. No, never got beyond pastor tellin us that lots of families in our area (Indian burial grounds) were havin stuff happen too.

Now for the last occurrence.

Circa 1982.

Mrs. Capt wakes up and can't walk (she was a housewife at the time). Pain too bad. Had to hold her up to get her to car and then the ER. Admitted. After several days of testing Dr. says "your wife has the back of a 70 year old man". She never had any back problems previously. After a few days of useless therapy, dragged her home and into bed.

Couple of weeks went by and she never got much better. In pain she could barely get around lookin like an old hag in a fairy tale.

Then one night, we found out a healing service was to be held at our church. This Capt said "Lets go". Why I said it when I had a ton of work to do on the house is beyond me - it just slipped out. (Now gotta say here that we were not religious fanatics, pretty much only goin to church on Sundays, avoiding other services during the week.)

So we went. 1900 hrs. Sunny, beautiful summer evening, temp around 75.

About 100 parishioners in the church.

Had no idea what to expect.

Service was held by a small group of traveling priests, each of a different Catholic order. Remember one was a Jesuit, one a Franciscan, and one a Benedictine + 2 others.

They made some remarks at the start, sayin that it was going to be a healing service w/ some prayers, and some stories re: their work. After about 15 minutes one of the priests said "if as we go along you feel anything, or want to share anything come up front and tell everyone." Sure enuf after about 10 minutes more an old woman, guessin late 70's, walks up from back of church carryin a baby. Priest speaking stops and gives her the mike. That she was in tears as she came down the aisle was very obvious. In a shaky voice she said I've been blind all my life and I can see!

This Capt immediately suspicious of a plant - but we stayed.

Now its been about 3/4 hour in the church and priest speaking starts to relate that he feels there are folks present w/ physical problems, and slowly he begins to rattle off a bunch of specifics like "There's a 18 year old boy here w/ a skin disease that isn't responding to treatment, and a young girl w/ constant headaches, + about 5 more, including a woman is here in her 30's who recently was diagnosed w/ a severe back problem. He goes on to say..."Oh, forgot to say if you feel anything, don't be alarmed, no one has ever been harmed at our services." This Capt looks over to say to Mrs. Capt "maybe that's you" and Mrs. Capt is not there. (We were sitting all the way thru the service up to that point). Mrs. Capt has slid from sitting position to under the pew in front of us. Got her back to sitting, and she said only that she felt faint after the priest mentioned the "30 year old woman" w/ the back problem. (Have to admit re-tellin this just caused chills, as it always does on the re-tellin.)

Many others came forward after that saying that whatever their problems were, they were better or had disappeared.

We stayed till service ended, about another hour.

Next morning Mrs. woke up, w/ no back pain, like nothing ever happened.

To this day have never heard of a similar group of priests doing healing. Cannot explain either how we so willingly went to that service in the middle of the week. But we did.

Now that service took place in the old church, which was later converted to what it was built for - an auditorium.
A new church was built and if you look at the gold plaque in the vestibule you'll see our names. The plaque is inscribed = THESE PEOPLE BUILT THIS CHURCH. We felt we owed at least that contribution after what had happened.

Maybe a more important contribution tho is tellin what happened to others.

That's it...never saw it comin - any of it.


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