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I am a saltwater fisherman from Texas. I married a Tarheel (good choice on my part!). We live on Galveston Island, Texas. I am retiring in a couple of years. We will be living in North Carolina (God's country!). And where all my wife's people are! I have saltwater fished all my life, however, it has all been in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.
We will be living about four hours from your coast.
Now, I have a few questions for y'all, I sure would appreciate your help. I want to learn how to fish North Carolina saltwater the correct way, to get the best out of it and not screw up anybody elses fishing.
I have been reading all I can find on the computer about North carolina saltwater fishing and have even subscribed to North Carolina Fish & Game.
First off, what is a spot? What is an "Ocean Mullet"? Do y'all really eat mullet? I have heard bluefish are not fit to eat. I would like to find out for myself and not depend on second hand knowledge because I did hear they are terrific fighters. I intend to fish mainly off of the piers I see on your coast, although I really fish a lot in the surf here and wade fish the bays the majority of the time.
I will not be one of the many folks who are fond of saying.."well, back home we.."..I know Yankees do that a lot here and frankly, I don't like it, and I am sure you North Carolinians wouldn't appreciate it either. I just want to learn about North Carolina saltwater fishing. I am as adaptable as anyone can be.

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